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수출확대 및 글로벌 마케팅 지원

  • Hosting exhibitions at home and abroad, including "Preview in Seoul" and "Preview in CHINA"

섬유패션산업 생산기반 확충

  • Establishing databases (DB) on the nation’s textile manufacturers’ production items (by sector and by usage) and providing them to domestic and overseas buyers 바로가기
  • Issuing Korea certification marks to textile products manufactured domestically

통상활동 및 국제협력 강화

  • Compiling intergovernmental FTA negotiation materials and data and providing FTA-related information
  • Providing information on business establishment of textile companies in Gaeseong Industrial Complex and offering management assistance to residents companies in the complex
  • Organizing international cooperation conferences, including the Korea-Japan Annual Textile Meeting and
    Korea-Taiwan Annual Meeting

섬유·패션산업 인력양성 및 고용창출 지원

  • Providing education and training to nurture skilled manpower for the textile/ fashion industry; Designing support
    programs; and offering on-site technical manpower education

대업계 서비스 지원 및 홍보역량 극대화

  • Online publicity through homepage and e-newsletters
  • Offline publicity through identification of successful and exemplary case study companies and exposing them to
    the media
  • Organizing Textile Day events